Help This Family Facing Deportation

Support this family—donate on GoFundMe or become a monthly donor to the Red’s Emergency Fund.

At the end of November, ICE agents picked up three men who were driving to work in Salt Lake City. The agents were looking for someone else, but once these men were in their custody, they decided to jail them anyways. Two of these men are brothers, the father and uncle of the kids pictured above.

We have confirmed that these kids’ father is in detention in Colorado. The family’s friends, family, school community, and extended network through the Red have raised funds for the family. Thanks to these funds, the family has been able to do some video chats with their father/husband. They have also been able to pay their rent for December without the main breadwinners. The rest of the funds already raised are going to pay for a trip out to Colorado for the family to visit the detention center. Anything left will begin to pay for legal fees.

These kids’ uncle has, unfortunately, already been deported to Mexico. We are working on making sure that he has what he needs there.

The next steps in the legal case to get these kids’ father home is to raise bail so that he can come home to fight his immigration case here, rather than in the detention center in Colorado. We don’t know how much it will be yet, but probably several thousand dollars. We must come together to support families who are being demonized and terrorized by arbitrary deportation. If you have anything else to give, it would be such a blessing for this family! Thank you, and happy holidays!

Support this family—donate on GoFundMe or become a monthly donor to the Red’s Emergency Fund.

Happy Birthday Vicky

The Red wishes Vicky a very happy birthday and all the health and happiness for the year that lies ahead!

Vicky has been working with the Red for over a year, during which she fought deportation orders and continued to apply for asylum. Ten months ago, Vicky made the difficult decision to enter into sanctuary at the First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake to protect herself and two young children from deportation.

Vicky fled violence in her native Honduras and has been applying for asylum – her case, as so many others, is pending with the courts. In the meantime, she has taken refuge in a church and continues to raise her two daughters, Yaretzi (7yrs) and Bella (1yr). Although unable to leave the church, Vicky has organized fundraisers to help other affected families, and become an active member of the life of the church.

If you are interested in finding out more about sanctuary, or getting involved with the Sanctuary network, check out their website here

Happy Birthday Vicky!

Help Vicky Fight Her Unjust Deportation

Vicky Chavez left Honduras with her two-year-old daughter in 2014 fleeing death threats from her ex. Vicky’s grandmother, who raised her, had passed away, and all of Vicky’s surviving family (her parents and three siblings) was in the United States. She came to this country seeking asylum, and was let in at the border for that reason. Now, three years later, she is being told that she needs to take her family back to Honduras, where she will face the same violence that she fled before. We cannot let this happen! Help us raise money to help Vicky fight her deportation. 

Vicky just had another daughter three months ago. She is a dedicated mother to her two daughters, and cares more for them than anything else. We cannot let her and her daughters be deported back to Honduras, where her violent ex awaits. Vicky has no criminal record. She has broken no laws. There is no justification for her deportation. Her only desire has been to raise a family in peace.

Red de Solidaridad is raising funds on YouCaring for Vicky’s family as they fight to stay here, where they belong. All funds will be given directly to Vicky.

You can also make a tax-deductible donation to Red de Solidaridad through our fiscal sponsor, Alliance for Global Justice. Please donate to our Emergency Fund using THIS LINK. It is especially helpful if you can make your donation recurring monthly.

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