Empanadas Fundraiser!


Do you love empanadas? Do you want to help make sure a family can stay together? Luis and Carey are happily married with a 4 year-old daughter, but are being threatened by separation if Luis is not able to become documented in the United States.

Carey is making mouth-watering, delicious empanadas for $8/plate of 5 (they’re pretty big). You can order chicken and/or veggie!

  • To order, text Katie at (717) 654-1690 or fill out the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2QVV96X
  • Place your order by Wednesday, February 6th for pickup or delivery on Saturday, February 9th. Pickup is in Salt Lake City. Delivery is limited to Salt Lake County.

Luis left Honduras to escape gang violence, and since the murder of his older brother and the passing away of his father, he is not only the sole bread winner of his family in Utah, but also supporting his mother and other family members in Honduras.

In order become a legal resident in Utah, Luis has to return to Honduras to complete paperwork there and then re-enter the United States. He needs support for air travel and other expenses, and funds to support his daughter and wife while he is away – his daughter has chronic thyroid disease and requires special care and frequent visits to the children’s hospital, adding to the family’s financial burden.

If you want to support Luis and Carey, but don’t want to order empanadas, donate to their GoFundMe or become a monthly to the Red’s Emergency Fund.

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