Help Queer Asylum Seeker Get Home to His Partner

We need your help. 

This is Pablo* (on the left).

Pablo is a queer asylum seeker from Honduras who is currently being held in an immigration detention center in California.

A local group, Queers Divest, is raising money to bail him out so that he can live with his partner in Salt Lake City. 

Pablo’s partner was also on the caravan, but managed to get released from detention with help from another nonprofit.

Help Raise $3000 to Bail Him Out By Clicking Here or become a monthly donor to the Red’s Emergency Fund.

If he’s bailed out Pablo will be able to live with his partner without fear for the first time in his life. It will also make fighting his case much easier.

Bail is placed on asylum seekers like Pablo even though they have not committed any crimes.

It is cruel and dangerous to keep people locked up when they came seeking asylum under U.S. law.

Please help Pablo avoid the violence and persecution he faced in Honduras. Help him build a life with his partner here in Salt Lake City.

Please share this message with your friends, family, and groups you may work with.

Thank you!

*We are using a pseudonym to help protect this man’s anonymity.


On January 9, allies were able to visit Pablo at the Imperial Regional Detention Center. We were not allowed to bring any phone or recording equipment into the center, but we borrowed a pen from the guard and took notes on the message [translated here] he wants to share with potential supporters:

“Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far. It’s been hard since my family rejected me because of who I am. They won’t even answer my calls now. It means so much that there are people I don’t even know who will support me and my partner, even when our own families reject us.

Every day I work inside this center, and they pay me a dollar a day. With that dollar I call my partner, just to hear his voice. I tell him about the book I’m reading, called ‘Bajo La Misma Estrella’ and we imagine being together one day. But as the months go by and I’m still stuck here, it’s hard to hold onto hope.

My partner tells me to keep fighting to be free. Now that he’s working to spread our story to a wider community, I’m finally feeling some hope again that we’ll be together again one day.”

Pablo looked healthy physically, but it was very clear that he is suffering from a lack of emotional and physical connection. He is trying to keep his hope up, but it’s hard in the face of all this repression. He said many times that it wasn’t so hard being in detention when his partner was there, but now that he is alone he doesn’t know if he can handle it. Please, please help us get Pablo out! Thank you!

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